QR Codes on Vehicles

QR Codes on company trucks or cars are always visible to scan as people walk past or when they rent your vehicles. They are accessible as well as versatile marketing tools.

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How to Use QR Codes on Vehicles

All sorts of businesses rely on vehicles in their everyday operations. Whether you deliver organic vegetable boxes, provide dog walking services or work in trades like plumbing or carpentry, you're likely to use a van or automobile in your working life. Despite this, surprisingly few small businesses make the most of their vehicles as marketing opportunities.

However, by using QR Codes on cars, businesses can link up with potential customers and provide extra information whenever it is needed. Whatever type of vehicle you use, these Codes can make a real difference to attracting attention and serving customers.

How using QR Codes on cars could help your company

When you create a fleet of company vehicles, smartphone scannable Codes are definitely worth considering. If you aren't familiar with them already, QR Codes are usually black and white, and look a bit like white noise, but with a series of squares in each corner. When they are scanned with smartphones, they can lead to all sorts of destinations, letting companies guide customers to marketing materials or pages which can enhance their experience.

For instance, when you add QR Codes on company trucks or cars, you could employ a Video QR Code to link to an introduction video describing who you are, and why customers should choose your services.

Alternatively, Social Media QR Codes on company trucks could lead to social media channels, while App QR Codes can let people instantly download your app.

As you can probably tell, scannable Codes have huge potential for almost all businesses. When placed on cars or trucks, they can be available to scan as people walk past, when they hire your vehicles, or when staff attend customers' properties. So they are accessible as well as versatile marketing tools.

Some of our favorite ways to add QR Codes on company trucks and cars

In the past few years, many companies have embraced QR Codes on vehicles, from vast multinationals to tiny local businesses. In the process, some really intelligent and creative applications have emerged, which could provide an inspiration when you come to create your own.

With that in mind, here are our top 5 uses of QR Codes on cars:

  • 1. Hooking up customers with coupon deals
    If you want to spread the word about a promotional deal, our Coupon QR Codes are the ideal way to do so. People can see the deal advertised on your car or truck, scan the Code and head straight to a coupon page.
  • 2. Providing all the information customers need
    Our Dynamic URL Codes can be used to provide more information to customers. So, if you run a cleaning business and want people to be able to find out more, you can add a Code to your vehicle and link to a local landing page.
  • 3. Linking customers with menus
    Another great use for our Codes is to link to menus on food trucks. Our PDF QR Codes would work brilliantly for any food truck business, allowing customers to call up menus on their phones, and to make a decision at their leisure about what to have for lunch.
  • 4. Boosting attendance at events
    If your business regularly holds events, an Event QR Code might be the way to go. For example, with these Codes, real estate vendors can link to an upcoming open house, while organic food sellers can provide links to farmers' markets.
  • 5. Maximizing delivery orders
    Our Dynamic URL QR Codes can also be used on delivery vehicles to great effect. By adding Dynamic URL Codes to your vehicle wraparounds, you can make it easy for potential customers to walk past, scan the Code and place an order in seconds.

Use QR Codes on cars to achieve your company goals

As you can see from that list, there are a number of ways to use QR Codes on vehicles, ranging from safety measures to restaurant promotion and optimizing fleet management.

At QR Code Generator, we make it easy to add the right Code for your situation. If your aim is to promote yourself on social media, there's a Code for that. The same applies to adding Coupon QR Codes or URL QR Codes which link to factsheets.

Whatever you need to provide for customers, a scannable Code can do the job. Find out more by downloading our handy print and design guides, and use your vehicles in a whole new way.

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