QR Codes on Tickets

Almost every event or scheduled service requires some form of ticketing to ensure that everything works smoothly, and tickets are one of the best ways to add an extra dimension to your event.

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How to Use QR Codes on Tickets

There are endless ways to design tickets so that they look attractive, include all of the validation information companies require, and provide a little bit of extra content for customers to enjoy.

Using QR Codes on tickets is often something we simply take for granted. They are really easy to add, and as we'll see in a moment, they can perform many roles, so let's explore the link between QR Codes and tickets in a bit more detail.

Why would you use QR Codes on tickets?

Traditionally, tickets were very simple documents. All they had to include was information about the date of the event in question and the identity of the ticket holder (or sometimes not even that). But these days, tickets have to be a bit more functional.

Electronic validation systems mean that tickets often have to include ways to scan identities and ensure that the right people gain admission. Sometimes there needs to be room for promotional material, enticing customers to make a repeat purchase. And with services like flights or lottery tickets, a host of extra data needs to be included - all within a tight space.

QR Codes are such a great tool for ticketers, because they allow information to be stored elsewhere, freeing up space for graphics or other elements, where you can add branding and express your creativity.

That's not the only thing they bring to the table. These smartphone scannable Codes have allowed concert and sports event promoters to streamline admission procedures, identifying guests with a simple scan. And they have even led to paperless ticketing, with anything from movie tickets to train passes now being held on smartphone screens.

Our favorite ways to use QR Codes on tickets

So there are plenty of reasons to use scannable Codes on your tickets, and you're probably thinking of how to apply them in your situation already. But hold on a second. Our list of the top 5 uses of QR Codes on tickets could provide even more inspiration.

  • 1. Seamlessly fusing events with social media
    If you're planning a musical performance, an art exhibition or a food festival, adding a Facebook QR Code to your tickets is an excellent way to let attendees follow developments and find out more before they arrive.
  • 2. Linking music festivals with social media
    Pepsi’s 2011 Music Festival in Argentina provides a totally new way for attendees to share their experiences. Each ticket included a Code, which allowed guests to instantly share videos and images of acts like the Red Hot Chili Peppers - a great example of how tickets and experiences can be integrated.
  • 3. Codes for winners: Making lotteries smarter
    When you buy lottery tickets, there's often a period when you aren't sure whether you've come out a winner. But the UK's Camelot used scannable Codes to get around this, allowing players to instantly find out whether they have won.
  • 4. Powering the London Olympics
    Back in 2012, the organizers of the London Olympics deployed QR Codes in multiple locations and added them to all e-tickets. By scanning the Event QR Code, attendees could easily find out more about where the various venues were, how to get there, and the time of events - a great way to make a complex event run more smoothly.
  • 5. Giving something back to customers
    It's always a good idea to reward loyal attendees or fans with something extra to entice them to buy tickets in the future. By adding a Coupon QR Code to your tickets, you can provide discounts on your website or at an event you are promoting, ensuring that attendees leave smiling and keen to come back for more.

Create the perfect tickets for your event with smartphone scannable Codes

Whether you're promoting a local battle of the bands or starting a ride sharing app and you need a way to encourage participation, adding QR Codes could be the right way to go. Most people have smartphones, and almost all of them will be familiar with how Codes work, so feel free to go ahead and experiment.

At QR-Code-Generator.com, we offer an easy way to place QR Codes on tickets of all types. To find out more, download our print guide and design guide, and create a user-friendly, streamlined ticketing solution.

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